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About Me

def main():
I = boy('MO Huansheng ')
# You can call me Mushsen, On the night of Oct 19th, 1990, I was born.
I.born = "19901019|GuiLin|GuangXi|China"
# Sep 1st, 2009, I was admitted to University of Science and Technology of China.
I.undergraduteUniversity = USTC
# After 4 years, I got the postgradute recommendation to Institue of Computing Technology of
# Chinese Academy of Sciences.
I.graduateUniversity = ICT.CAS
# About Me =
I.github = =
I.interests = CyclingHiking|Soccer|Reading|Programming|Algorithms
I.skills = C++|C|Python|Objective-C|MySQL|iOS|Linux Kernel|Data Mining
# Finally, I found this place to record my life and what I learn in every single day.
# Live, love and Laugh!
while True:
I.Effort += 1

if __name__ == '__main__':